Daddy Mommy and Seth

Daddy Mommy and Seth
Daddy Mommy and Seth

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Support system

There were so many days in the past, when Seth was still very young, that I felt so alone. Alone because Seth was overwhelming and I felt like I was unable to care for my own son. Alone because my life seemed so difficult when compared to others. When Seth began therapy before he was a year old...that began to change. I began to chat with other mothers while waiting for Seth to finish his therapy sessions. Over time, it became so
therapeutic to vent, chat, laugh and socialize with other mommies going through the same thing! I can not stress enough the importance of finding support. Support through website, blogs,emails, groups or even social media. For example, The Autism Society offers groups that meet monthly.
I often had more "seasoned" mothers tell me to call them or email then for anything. For me, I never wanted to be an extra burden on them or call when they were busy. I chose to email instead. Email and facebook are amazing for chatting and sharing advice! It has been a true blessing to know that I am not alone. That others are right there with Seth and my family. That other moms really do "get it!"
Please moms or dads out there, find some support! I hope that one day my blog will be a place where people gather to vent or seek advice from one another. It is so important to not be isolated. Reach out, seek support and enjoy the fellowship of others...others who are in the same "boat." :)

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