Daddy Mommy and Seth

Daddy Mommy and Seth
Daddy Mommy and Seth

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

silence is golden!

From the day that Seth was born, he has had extreme sensitivity to noise. While he slept as a baby, we learned that any sound would wake him up. Even walking in jeans or setting a cup on the counter would send him into screams. To this day we keep the house very quiet at nap and bedtime, otherwise...panic can errupt.
We are very limited to where we can go with Seth. We bring headphones along sometimes to help him. Some cases, nothing can help.
When I first began this blog I wanted everyone to be able to share, laugh, cry and offer advice. Now, I am asking for advice! ;)
Ever since the New Year rang in with fireworks, Seth can barely go outside. He has so much fear over hearing a firework. When I do get him outside, he is full of anxiety and any noise causes a panic attack. For example, yesterday after much coaxing...we made it outdoors. Well, there was a boy down the street playing basketball. The second that ball hit the pavement, Seth lost it. Shaking, screaming, beyond himself. I explained what it was, reassured him that it was not scary and attempted to move on. The noise continued, so did the stress. Poor little man, he needs help so he can have fun and kids should!
Any advice on how to help Seth deal with noise would be greatly appreciated! It is a mixture of sensitivity and major anxiety. Don't know if anyone else is dealing with sound issues or anxiety issues...or both. Any tips?
Take care everyone!!

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