Daddy Mommy and Seth

Daddy Mommy and Seth
Daddy Mommy and Seth

Friday, December 9, 2011

The affect autism has on Seth, and so many others...

       I can honestly say that when Seth was diagnosed I had no idea how much autism would affect him.  Now I realize, alot comes along with autism.  It brings with it delays in motor skills, anxiety, ocd, sleep issues, sensory problems, routine and social issues.  Even muscle tone can be affected.  I know that many kids struggle with autism and other issues that come with that.  I aslo realize it could be worse for Seth.  My heart always goes out to any family living with struggle.  This is just Seth's story with autism.
I first want to say....I hear often from other moms and have this complaint myself, that people judge their child as a brat!  Before judging just imagine what it would be like to live in a world of confusion, anxiety and not understand many things.  Add onto that, poor communication and a sensory system that causes physical pain and makes your feel very uneasy in your own skin.  This is all day, everyday! I am sure if any of us had to live like that, or even worse than that...we would lose it!  We would act out or act up.  We would just meltdown over anything! So please, let's all have compassion for what these sweet little children are going through.
Seth is rigid with his routine and has alot of difficulty with transitions.  Anything can cause a meltdown.  He has trouble with play dates because of his anxiety and ocd.  It takes alot for him to share, and he is sometimes  unable to do so.  He also can not handle others messing or playing with his things.  Mostly the lack of control.  Seth always has to have control, or tries to have control anyway!  From closing doors, to how things are placed in his home.  I think alot of this comes from anxiety and not being comfortable in his own skin due to sensory integration problems.  His low muscle tone also plays a role in him not feeling "safe."  His muscle tone has caused delays in fine motor, gross motor, eating(chewing, swallowing, feeding himself.)  It also makes him have low stamina, he tires out very very easily!
I think alot of times Seth is just confused.  He does not understand alot of abstract ideas.  He memorizes responses to common questions.  For example, every meal is "snack "and every time you ask what he would like to eat he says, "chicken and waffle."  No matter when something took place, today or last's "yesterday." :)  He also has trouble learning and is behind when compared to typical kids his age.   

Seth loves lines and repetition.  He loves organization too!

  Seth has delays in fine motor, gross motor, self help skills, play skills and speech.  Not to mention the endless sleep issues!  All of this affects him every single day.  Autism is multi faceted.  It is not simple and affects most every aspect of development.  Seth is a trooper! He is the sweetest child and has more love than anyone I know.  Through it all, we will do everything to make his life easier and help him catch up with his peers.  If that doesn't happen, that's ok.  Because Seth is happy.  He struggles and has to work alot harder than most, but his little heart is so so very happy!!

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  1. You are one amazing mom!!! After reading your blog I understand more about the daily effects autism has in your family.. I admire the strength, dedication and love you give to Seth!! Seth is one lucky guy to have you as a mom!!